In Search Engine Optimization techniques when you go for a quality link-back for any of your website. You must think of these anchor link attributes. This means whether the link you are placing will be Dofollow or Nofollow?

These No-follow or Do-follow on the website tells Search Engine to follow this link or not.

Dofollow: used to allow search engine to follow the link and this would give link juice which will increase the page rank. To make it happen just use this rel=”dofollow” in anchorlink. This dofollow shows the blue/gray highlighted in color.

Nofollow: this is used to tell search engine that this link should not be followed and if you any external link on your website and you will make it “nofollow”  then this would not share the link juice to that external link and the tools available will show this nofollow link in red highlighted color. To enable this ability you have to add this rel=”nofollow”
To find out about the link on any of the page that the external links or internal links placed here are nofollow or dofollow. You can simply search and install the extension, addon of Nofollow/dofollow on your browser.

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