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Hello Everyone,

This me Arsalan Tariq, I am one of the most experienced Search Engine marketing Professional in Pakistan.

How, Why I started SEO?

I started with this industry as optimizing my own free blogs/websites. Back in 2005-2006, When I was a student, learned and started publishing my websites/blog, I tried to optimize my own sites where I wanted others to find me on Google, MSN (Bing), Yahoo and other search engines but I couldn't succeed, from that time I started my research work to how I would be able to see my URL in search results. Submitted my site to search engines and it indexed but gradually it was going down in rank so again I started reading to what techniques I can optimize my pages in results.

How I started my Professional Career in SEO?

In 2007, I started my degree program Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology from PIMSAT (Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology). As per the degree requirements, Internship report is needed to fulfill the degree requirements. I got to know about the PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) where the registered IT companies with their contact information is available then I started analyzing the companies and their business where I should send my CV (Curriculum Vitae) for Internee position in SEO.

I sent my application to few companies and got two responses where at the first place, I was shortlisted for the SEO Internee position in Summer 2007.

My Full-Time Services to Organizations?

SEO Consultancy Services to Organizations?

  • SentimentsforPakistan UK
  • Smashing Agency, Karachi, Pakistan
  • SEO-INN Karachi, Pakistan
  • OnlineSEOServices US
  • Islamic Finance University UK

Other Freelance Projects