SEO training sessions in karachi, Pakistan only or if you are looking for online training session then we can. Just give us a call or e-mail us, details mentioned below. 

Session 1
Understand and Learn Search Engine Strategies
-          Think like a search engine
-          Understand the performance of your search results and analyze your success.
-          Competition Analysis
-          SEO friendly Content of website
-          Keywords (Long Tails Vs Short Tail Keywords)
-          The advantages of Having a useful and search engine friendly website

Session 2
Building a Search Engine Friendly WebSite
-          How to pick powerful keywords
-          Use of keyword tools
-          Creation of search engine friendly pages
-          HTML page tags an important key in seo
-          Site structure
-          Creating Sitemaps
-          Creating Robots files

Session 3
Creating Massive and Effective Link Popularity
-          How it works?
-          What is Page Rank?
-          About nofollow and dofollow
-          How to link your website with others
-          Link Building and its type
-          Power of content and article

Session 4
How to promote your site more effectively through seo techniques
-          Link Building through social media websites
-          Importance of social media website
-          Google Map Listings
-          Press releases, videos, and blogs
-          Traffic Analysis
-          Conversion Tracking 

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