Does domain age affects in your SEO performance? Do you think the site age matters in your whole SEO performance?

Currently one of my friend told me about the impact he got in rankings on google through domain age changes and we previously both have faced the same change before.

One of our client had a domain name registered for 1 year and when we started discussing the organic results performance with our client he said that, yes he will keep the domain.

Then we asked him to increase the domain age and he did it for more 5 years. Now, What is the change we see on our rankings?

We see more improved rankings the pages that were index on 8th page or more, after a week there is a good change in position and those pages that were indexed on 8th page or more is very near to top 10.

As per the result, I would definiltely say to my other SEO friends who are in confusion that whether this work would effect or not. The I would say, yes this happens to me and this was the second time we got the good rankings.