In this post, you will learn that how to track conversions on Google Adwords, how to implement and where to add the code and how you would be able to get the conversions results.

Step 1:
You have to signup for Google Adwords account.

Step 2:
Create an ad campaign.

Step 3:
Click on Tools and Analysis and in drop-down click on conversions.

Step 4:
Create a conversion by clicking + New conversion

Now setting up conversion with adding your name select webpage

Now change the settings 

Then save and generate the code, it will appear a code snippet just select the whole code copy then paste it into your website source code under body tag, like this:

Remember this would be the thank you page or the page you want to track of your website. Don’t insert this code into header or footer otherwise you won’t achieve the target that you want to track. Also, don’t make any change in this code if you don't have any knowledge of basic HTML then don't do it yourself just contact your webmaster and ask him/her to add this.

Now, check you the outcome of this implementation. It may be take some time to show you the tracking response as a result in Adwords.

Go to your campaign and check that how many conversions you got.

Now, you have got 25 conversions which you wanted to track.

For further help, you can read this guide:

Thank you for reading my this guide. Hope, I did my best if you have any further questions you can leave me your comment or if you want any help regarding this then leave and e-mail to me: