Friday, September 28, 2012

Do-Follow & No-Follow Links: Difference & Implementation Guide

In Search Engine Optimization techniques when you go for a quality link-back for any of your website. You must think of these anchor link attributes. This means whether the link you are placing will be Dofollow or Nofollow?

These No-follow or Do-follow on the website tells Search Engine to follow this link or not.

Dofollow: used to allow search engine to follow the link and this would give link juice which will increase the page rank. To make it happen just use this rel=”dofollow” in anchorlink. This dofollow shows the blue/gray highlighted in color.

Nofollow: this is used to tell search engine that this link should not be followed and if you any external link on your website and you will make it “nofollow”  then this would not share the link juice to that external link and the tools available will show this nofollow link in red highlighted color. To enable this ability you have to add this rel=”nofollow”
To find out about the link on any of the page that the external links or internal links placed here are nofollow or dofollow. You can simply search and install the extension, addon of Nofollow/dofollow on your browser.

Author: Written by Arsalan Tariq, Search Engine Optimization/SEO Expert in Karachi,Pakistan. If you need any of my help regarding SEO/SMO/SEM then you can e-mail:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google Penguin Update 1.1

Google’s Matt Cutts, the head of webspam team at Google has rolled out first update of Penguin. Penguin is a webspam algorithm which hit on April 24. The main focus of this update was to punish that website that unethically stuffed with keywords and linked with low ranked directories. This algorithm update is similar to panda update which previously made the same changes in search results.

Cutts said that this update affected less than 0.1 percent of all searches and according to the Cutts Twitter account, this thing happened at about the midnight on Saturday.

There has been something I found in discussions from the SEOs that they have faced this update last month. However, Google insists that this was the first update for penguin since April 24.

The good news is that whether you were hit the first time or this time, is that you can recover. Google will continue to make more changes to its Penguin Algorithm; there should be plenty of chances to do so. Think about the panda update last year where Google had the same goal in updating its algorithm.

Friday, May 25, 2012

SEO Training Sessions by Arsalan Tariq in Karachi

SEO training sessions in karachi, Pakistan only or if you are looking for online training session then we can. Just give us a call or e-mail us, details mentioned below. 

Session 1
Understand and Learn Search Engine Strategies
-          Think like a search engine
-          Understand the performance of your search results and analyze your success.
-          Competition Analysis
-          SEO friendly Content of website
-          Keywords (Long Tails Vs Short Tail Keywords)
-          The advantages of Having a useful and search engine friendly website

Session 2
Building a Search Engine Friendly WebSite
-          How to pick powerful keywords
-          Use of keyword tools
-          Creation of search engine friendly pages
-          HTML page tags an important key in seo
-          Site structure
-          Creating Sitemaps
-          Creating Robots files

Session 3
Creating Massive and Effective Link Popularity
-          How it works?
-          What is Page Rank?
-          About nofollow and dofollow
-          How to link your website with others
-          Link Building and its type
-          Power of content and article

Session 4
How to promote your site more effectively through seo techniques
-          Link Building through social media websites
-          Importance of social media website
-          Google Map Listings
-          Press releases, videos, and blogs
-          Traffic Analysis
-          Conversion Tracking 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Domain Age in SEO: Does it Effects on your SEO performance?

Does domain age affects in your SEO performance? Do you think the site age matters in your whole SEO performance?

Currently one of my friend told me about the impact he got in rankings on google through domain age changes and we previously both have faced the same change before.

One of our client had a domain name registered for 1 year and when we started discussing the organic results performance with our client he said that, yes he will keep the domain.

Then we asked him to increase the domain age and he did it for more 5 years. Now, What is the change we see on our rankings?

We see more improved rankings the pages that were index on 8th page or more, after a week there is a good change in position and those pages that were indexed on 8th page or more is very near to top 10.

As per the result, I would definiltely say to my other SEO friends who are in confusion that whether this work would effect or not. The I would say, yes this happens to me and this was the second time we got the good rankings.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

In this post, you will learn that how to track conversions on Google Adwords, how to implement and where to add the code and how you would be able to get the conversions results.

Step 1:
You have to signup for Google Adwords account.

Step 2:
Create an ad campaign.

Step 3:
Click on Tools and Analysis and in drop-down click on conversions.

Step 4:
Create a conversion by clicking + New conversion

Now setting up conversion with adding your name select webpage

Now change the settings 

Then save and generate the code, it will appear a code snippet just select the whole code copy then paste it into your website source code under body tag, like this:

Remember this would be the thank you page or the page you want to track of your website. Don’t insert this code into header or footer otherwise you won’t achieve the target that you want to track. Also, don’t make any change in this code if you don't have any knowledge of basic HTML then don't do it yourself just contact your webmaster and ask him/her to add this.

Now, check you the outcome of this implementation. It may be take some time to show you the tracking response as a result in Adwords.

Go to your campaign and check that how many conversions you got.

Now, you have got 25 conversions which you wanted to track.

For further help, you can read this guide:

Thank you for reading my this guide. Hope, I did my best if you have any further questions you can leave me your comment or if you want any help regarding this then leave and e-mail to me: